One. definitions

1, OEM meaning

Instead of producing the product directly, the manufacturer is responsible for designing and developing and controlling the sales channels and the specific processing tasks to other enterprises.

2, ODM meaning

When a manufacturer designs a product, in some cases it may be considered by some other companies, requiring the brand name of the latter to be produced, or slightly modified to produce it.

Two, OEM, ODM objects

1, the company has registered trademarks (trademarks on the top right plus "" "" "").

2) the company that has applied for the trademark but has not formally approved it and has received the notification of acceptance of the trademark (TM).

Three what can I do for you?

1, in the existing products OEM production;

2, according to customer demand for product development, mold opening, production;

3, according to customer product positioning and requirements planning brand copy;

4, the customer brand, product packaging, brochures and related auxiliary sales printing materials design;

5, assist product inspection;

6. Assist overseas clients in handling export related matters;

7 、 train the products after technical, after-sale and so on;

8. Assist the delivery of goods.

Four, the way to explain cooperation

1, customers do not need to worry about brand design affairs, our professional team can do;

2, customers can design their own, printing, packaging boxes, brochures and other printed materials;

3, the processing of printed materials, according to the actual printing factory printing costs.

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